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Feature Suggestions / Modding
« Last post by femdomlover on Today at 04:19:48 AM »
I am a 3d artist with a bit of unity experience. I'd love to open up some of these files and take a crack at making some new textures at least. Is there any way to enable modding or give certain individuals access to certain files?
Troubleshooting / Orientation video no sound
« Last post by Tarnblade on December 10, 2017, 01:44:12 AM »
I cant find a sticky for this, but know its an issue.

I have StacyQhypno.mp4 and WilclubLR.mp4 but both files are zero bytes and clearly did not load correctly.

I noted some other posts mentioning something about LAV but with no explanation as to what or how to fix.
Troubleshooting / No Audio in game
« Last post by kkdck on December 06, 2017, 03:41:39 AM »
I just bought the game yesterday  and there is totally no audio during game play using oculus rift, and oculus rift menu will have audio malfunction after close the game. Please help! Thank you
Beta feedback / Do I have the latest version?
« Last post by vv187 on December 06, 2017, 02:57:19 AM »

The "development mode" is basically non-functional for 'chair' and 'dungeon'

For 'chair' there are two figures in the far distance, but the scene never changes or anything no matter what controller/kb input is given.

In 'dungeon' it just keeps asking to hit the reset button over and over, even after it is pressed.

Are these known bugs? Was there an update? Where would I find such an update?
General Discussion / Amoreon Release Date?
« Last post by Jalke on November 18, 2017, 03:34:07 PM »
I see on the website Summer 2017, but as a Patreon supporter, hadn't seen any release information, just more monthly's & other such information. What's going on with it? Is there a release date or did I miss the release?
Troubleshooting / Re: Alpha Customisation Area - Unlucky as a Vive User
« Last post by Blue on October 17, 2017, 11:12:32 PM »
Hi Chris,

4. The trigger Button should be fine i think. I don't see any need to split up the function on two Buttons. I believe you should use Trigger for the "Pointer" aswell as picking up a Doll.

5. I personally don't like the smooth movement if i rotate. I (personally) prefer rotating in Steps. For example if you press the Left side of the Pad i rotate like 30 to the left or something like that. I saw some games Fading out the display to black for a short time (like half a Second or less) to avoid feeling uncomfortable. But thats only something I prefer...

If i could help you with pre-beta-testing, it would be an honor to help you - as long as i can :).

Troubleshooting / Re: Alpha Customisation Area - Unlucky as a Vive User
« Last post by Support on October 15, 2017, 10:16:08 PM »
Hi blue,

Thanks for your extensive feedback post! Really appreciated!

Regarding your points I can give you the following replies:

1. This option isn't working as we want it to work unfortunately. Also not working in the rift as it should.. will get an update on the next version.

2. Yep, this is definitely a bug. We're finetuning a script where it will read the position of your headset, so your body will follow. Thanks for the pointing that one out to us.

3. Hm interesting. I'll have a look at this one.

4. Which button would you prefer? The trigger button? Which button would we then have to use for the selecting and such.. is grip more suitable for that? The bad part bout the vive is that it has less buttons than the oculus, and we want the game to become 1handed and multiplatfor.. so we are already adopting our controllers scheme to be the one for the vive..

5. Teleporting for the vive is indeed a bug. bout the rotation. What would you prefer there? we now have it point and click.. so if you hold your vive controller to left and then click, you'll rotate to the position which you've clicked it..

And fyi, we do have a vive which we can develop with, but yeh.. our main headset is the Oculus and we most of the time check if we haven't broken anything with the vive but yeh you're right.. we should QA the vive version better... Care to become a pre-beta tester for us? :)

Kind Regards,
Troubleshooting / Alpha Customisation Area - Unlucky as a Vive User
« Last post by Blue on October 12, 2017, 10:46:13 PM »
Hi Citor3 Team, Hello Forum,

as i saw your "REMEMBER TO JOIN OUR COMPETITION WE HAVE AND YOU CAN WIN FLESHLIGHT LAUNCH!!" i simply wanted to report, that the Alpha Customisation Area (Version 3) is still pretty much unusable for me with a HTC Vive. I think it's because you are developing with a Rift and can't see what you're doing with a Vive.

Yes i know it's still an Alpha but ... here's something  that should be Improved to make it usable...

1. The Size of the Male "Creator" - In options you have the possibility to Change it. I believe this only works on the Rift. I am not able to do anything here... Or, at least, nothing has an effect. The problem: I'm 1,76m, and have the feeling that i'm a little Child that barely could watch over the "Table-Pad".

2. Usability of the "Arms". It seems as if the Player Body is fixed in his orientation towards the Madame... So if you rotate yourself, the attached Arms will "shorten" itself. For example rotating to the Table shortens your left Arm (with the attached Hand), which makes it unclear "where" to use it. While saying this - The legs look twisted to...

3. The Laser-Pointer that comes out of your Vive Controller makes it uncomfortable to hold! Currently it follows the Length of the Controller. I believe you should at least use an Angle of 45 to make it feel more "normal".

4. Please don't use the Grip Button too Pickup a doll... It really feels strange.

5. Movement seems absolutly weird. Teleporting doesn't work at all. Locomotion ... well, i can't explain at all, but i'll try: If i touch the left side of the left Pad it seems to rotatet a bit to the Left. The opposite works with the right side on the right Pad. But walking straight forward doesn't work for me.

If further informations are required, or i simply am not able to explain something, feel free to ask.


Blabla English is not my native language... So sorry for this :)
Troubleshooting / Re: serial number
« Last post by redsauce on October 10, 2017, 10:21:28 AM »
sent a email via my email.No response yet.The game doesnt work for over 3 month now.
The future of Domination product line / Re: Is this a finished product?
« Last post by Midas on October 06, 2017, 02:39:43 AM »
Will you please supply an update on the two new scenes. ETA?

Also, will those who currently have Femdomination get the new scenes as an upgrade, or will the scenes need to be purchased separately?

Thank you!
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