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Author Topic: Suggestions ^^  (Read 1322 times)


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Suggestions ^^
« on: January 02, 2018, 07:56:23 PM »
First of all: FemDomination is a great game. It was a blast to experience it for the forst time.

And i have some suggestions:

First: Bit more erotic hypnosis would be nice. For me it is kinda weired sitting (or laying) down and whatching throught my vr headset some hot girls jerking me off or fucking me, while i feel nothing. So what i mean with more erotic hypnosis: at least a part, where you really get hypnotized, until you get an hands free orgasm or implanting some triggers, that make you ejaculate or make you like a bimbo with just a word. Or a post hypnotic command that the user isnt able to cum outside of the game. (All with the aggreement of the player)

Second: Maybe some more subliminal stuff. For example the statues in the temple were a nice suprise. I needed some time to realize that their heads are following me. Maybe doing some more sumbliminal stuff to paly with that players mind or for example doing a or more corridors where you have to complete texts, which seems normal but have subliminal messages or are aboiut getting the player mindless and obedient.

Yes I know they are mostly about hypnosis stuff. Well i love hypnosis and I think these might be great additions to the game. :)

Keep doing such a great game
Greetings from Germany,