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General hints
« on: March 04, 2019, 09:30:55 AM »
-If you want to speed up the game start, create shortcut to the game executable instead using the launcher. The default installation directory for the Amoreon_ReleaseCandidate.exe is:

DRIVE:\Program Files\AmoreonGame\base\app

-For the video recording mode, create a shortcut to the Amoreon_ReleaseCandidate.exe with the following Target:
"DRIVE:\Program Files\AmoreonGame\base\app\Amoreon_ReleaseCandidate.exe" -enableDebugCamera "default"

The cam mode locks your right hand thumbwheel to move the cam around. You can adjust the direction by picking it up and pointing to the desired direction. The video files are saved under Streaming Assets/custom videos as mp4. The max duration of each recording can be tweaked from the menu.
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