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Author Topic: Trying to resist being turned into a slave, turned by pleasure and or hypno  (Read 11084 times)


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I think one of the cores of femdom is the idea of being turned.  The idea you are a resisting participant and the mistress hypnotises, or pleasures you in a way where you 'willingly' become her slave.  I find this much more compelling and erotic than being punished or humiliated.  I think this is popular with others as on clips4sale femdom girls convincing you to do things by turning you on is hugely popular.

Phrases like :

"You are trying to resist like the others but I am so good at what I do."
"You think you are straight but so did the others until they were moaning with my cock inside them." (strapon/transexual play)
"You don't think you will eat your own cum from your hand but then again neither did the 100s of men I broke before you." (CEI)

strapon, transexual, CEI, JOI themes all work well here.

They will use words like cumslut, sissy, slave but I feel these are in the erotic and naughty genre and heighten excitement.  Rather than direct insults about being worthless or a loser which I find unpleasant and not erotic.

Hypnosis is another great tool for this.  Although from watching many hypno videos the ones that show erotic images or video images are much better than 5minutes of a spiral or pattern.

Good Examples:
CEI Hypno :640,000 views+
Forced BI Hypno 240,000 views+:
(the audio from that is  makes very good audio  hypno recordings perhaps she would do a joint venture for your VR project on some experiences)
Hypno :  Tons of great ideas there.

Good- The idea you are a resisting participant and the mistress hypnotises, or pleasures you in a way where you 'willingly' become her slave. 
Bad- Direct insults about being worthless or a loser
Worth looking at : strapon, transexual, CEI, JOI

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Exellent post!

FemDomination will NOT be about punishing, humiliation or insults. The core idea is prolonged pleasure. Meaning, you can spend hours with erotically visual content with binaural beats, music and exeptionally erotic female voice. There is no way user can have sex with any figures instantly. Internet is full of humping games and for a quickie they work just fine for that.

And yeah, our female voice is really good with dirty talking, domination and phrases...

Hypnotic sessions doesn't have any spinning wheels or anything boring. You are not going to believe your eyes/ears when you see/hear how it can be done. However, hypnosis training (relaxation) session will have some usual elements for relaxation and prepare the user for the sessions.

In FemDomination user can influence very little what's going to happen next. We are reading the head movements, what is being looked and AI makes own decisions based on that info.

Thank you very much for these comments, links, notes and ideas!


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I'd like to comment on the reply to this as someone who has been in my current real-life D/s relationship for five years now and a active member of the BDSM community since I was 18. In case you, or anyone reading this, doesn't know or has been grossly misinformed by sources like 50 Shades of Grey, the BDSM community is a mostly underground world of social mixers with like-minded people, a support network, and play parties (as in *sober* parties where people engage in consensual and negotiated acts of bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism, often times only with people they came to the party with.)

"Punishing and humiliation" (if I assume you mean pain or other masochism) are such common parts of "prolonged pleasure" for so many people in BDSM that it's part of a sort of "BDSM-Normativity" in the same way that sex in the missionary is part of heteronormativity. It's part of "prolonged sexual pleasure" for a vast majority of submissives I've interacted with.

I tried the demo--I'm on the D side of D/s, but enjoy bottoming to many activities and given that my girl is very much my submissive and uncomfortble service-topping, I've been hoping a femdom VR sim would come along--and while it was an awesome experience, I wouldn't describe it as particularly kinky. In reality, it did largely seem like another humping game, trying to be something more but stopping short of it out of fear. If what will be offered is beautiful women giving you blow jobs, and eating them out, I'm concerned if any actual sense of submission will be established--it wasn't for me, at least. You have a chance to make something incredible here that I think the BDSM community would embrace, but right now, it's a lot more like a vanilla sex simulation than I believe you might think it is.

You lose mass appeal if you start making it indulge in sissy/forced-bisexuality play like the OP suggests, but it's safe to assume that anyone interested in paying for this has an interest in humiliation and masochism. Leaving those out completely is shooting yourself in the foot, and kills most excitement I had for this program. Things like impact play, and some humiliation can be very safely included. (The dialog the OP suggested is kinda cheesy, but elements of that like cum eating, a bit of mocking when strapons are involved, impact play, and oral on strap ons, are ridiculously common in fantasies male submissives have to women. A vast majority of everyone who would pay money for a femdom simulation who actually knows what BDSM stands for is likely into one of those). Kneeling or following a Mistress around would also give a strong sense of submission and light humiliation that would powerfully contribute to the idea that this isn't a humping game, and you're there to please them. (IE, following them around on a leash, Kneeling down, and giving oral service is kink. Eating a beautiful women out without a power exchange going on is vanilla, regardless of if they're in latex.) Flogging would also be powerful combined with the hypnosis. I know that you're aiming to establish some of the dynamic through hypnosis, but this was a miss for me, and I'm a hypnotist who does demos for the BDSM community and makes money off of my recordings. It was great in that it did elicite extreme arousal, but no sense of dynamic. I'd strongly encourage you to include activities of sadism and masochism if you want to attract the Bondage Dominance and Submission/Sadism and Masochism community (BDSM). It's literally on our name. As you do seem to understand, pleasure and sex isn't about just fucking to us. We need a dynamic established. A "kink," at its most basic, means something that isn't sex, and while this is probably the most impressive simulation I've seen, the only kink at play currently is the hypnosis and binaural beats.

Again, these things are part of pleasure for people in the BDSM community, not the opposite of it. While individual fetishes vary, humiliation, masochism, kneeling, collars and leads and everything I've discussed here are darn near universal to the point I haven't met someone in the BDSM community who doesn't like at least one of those in some form. I just don't know who the target audience is besides curious vanilla types if you're calling a game femDomination and then making it vanilla.

This is absolutely fantastic work so far, but if this is intended to attract people in BDSM, I'm concerned you may be off-mark. The people who are going to buy this and not another generic humping game are in BDSM, but so far it only has vanilla styled bondage and humping.

I don't know what your personal experience with BDSM is, but if you'd like any help being directed to resources or have any questions, I'd like to consider myself knowledgeable as an active member in the BDSM community, and am always a PM away.

(Also, one last bit of advice, I'd highly recommend advertising on fetlife if you haven't already. It's basically the BDSM community's online presence, and would get people talking fast. I found you through an obscure VR forum, despite searching for VR Sims in this exact theme).

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Great to have fresh point of view!

We need ideas and suggestions which would make the FemDomination better. Same time we all have different opinions which turns us on. Having said this, we also cannot know which approach is the best. This is where the feedback comes with real value.

This simulation was never planned to be heavy BDSM only, as we try to reach out for the majority of the people. This is the starting point and the feedback will take us to new directions, defined by the user feedback as new scenes will be released roughly monthly basis.

No matter what we do, we can never satisfy everyone with one session. Yes, the demo was vanilla, it was short  without props but also a great learning curve for us and the main purpose was to show the possibilities in it.

How it felt for the user as a sexual experience is a different thing. I would put it this way; as we all have different preferences, it must have felt boring for the BDSM professionals/hobbyists as seen that/done that/boring. But for the majority this is new. As we create new scenes, the content will also be more rich and our goal is to bring it so close to reality as possible. Hopefully in near future we could also satisfy people in BDSM community.

To make FemDomination really well, we need help, lots of ideas and opinions. Thank you!


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Thank you for the response. I went ahead and supported the Patreon now to try out that demo, and I have some additional thoughts from that to share, as I think there were things that were a major step in a good direction in providing content that real life BDSMers can enjoy. I've only got a Cardboard streaming to my phone until my Rift gets here, but it's a very solid VR experience. I also appreciate the comment that you can't satisfy everyone in one session, which is perhaps the beauty of module-ized content, in including different fetishes and kinks. Not everything needs to be everyone's ideal, but I understand that the merit the time to be created, it needs to have wide appeal.

I'd clarify to say that I don't find anything you're producing "boring" by any means, as it's by far the best looking adult VR content I've seen. I've only got my PC streaming to my Cardboard until my consumer Rift arrives, but this is good stuff. I wouldn't have written so much feedback if I didn't like what you were doing and want it to be as great as possible! If I sounded rude at all, I do apologize; I'm just very excited about what you're doing, and want to see it be something that anyone, regardless of their experience level in BDSM, can enjoy. I'm also that I'm not suggesting you go for hardcore BDSM.

What also doesn't reduce mass appeal to a product designed to make you feel dominated are things that work to establish some sort of power exchange or dynamic. Dynamic is the word BDSMers often use to describe a BDSM relationship, I.E, the dynamic of power shared between a Dom and sub. This is the thing that people that practice the D/s component of BDSM require, and while it takes different forms and it is of course impossible to represent each, it is possible to represent exchange of power, which is universal and inherent in the definition of domination.

Of course hardcore, fetish-heavy BDSM reduces mass appeal. There are, again, certain kink practices that are so popular that they are enjoyed by so many practitioners, and vanilla folks as well in different ways, that you're in a (sometimes unfortunately rejected) minority group in the BDSM community if you're not into them. These are mostly the practices right in the word, being bondage, sadism and masochism.
-You're clearly including lots of bondage, which never reduces mass appeal considering that upwards of 45% of all couples in or outside of the BDSM community practice bondage. Collars, leashes ect. are also extremely popular.
-Sadism and masochism don't exclusively refer to pain; light humiliation, emotional enjoyment from a sadist at a bottoms helplessness, ect. are also this, and extraordinarily common, again, even in vanilla relationships.
-*What is not popular with everyone* would be specific name calling--some people enjoy being called a bitch, for example, others are turned off. "Good boy," "Good slave," and other endearing words though are pretty safe for mass appeal.
-Spanking and light pain are also extremely popular in vanilla and BDSM, and run no real danger of reducing appeal.
-It also looks like you're including strap ons based on the Patreon trailer, which are also extremely popular, but perhaps *less* universal than humiliation and pain. (That said, I certainly do hope you include strapons content, but based on the statistics it's much more niche than humiliation or pain).

What I enjoyed in the Patreon demo that wasn't part of the Public Demo:

- Voice over lines like with teasing pity, "poor you, all you can do is look" "Good boy," "helpless" ect. are a strong positive. This falls under light humiliation for some, simple dirty talking for others, depending on their experience level. But what it's actually showing is enjoyment from the domme at your helplessness--sadism. Combine things like this with some of the binaural beats and submission inspiring hypnosis and you've got something teasing, lightly humiliating and solid. I hope to see more active enjoyment from the top in future experiences, as their sadistic pleasure at your discomfort, difficulty being teased, ect. is a form of masochism. It also just makes the dommes seem more alive to actually be exhibiting pleasure at toying with you.

-"Eat me out *like you did before*." The "like you did before" subtlety implies past service. Referring to past things, if they happened or not, isn't only a good writing tool, but works here to establish that you've served her before and that there's an ongoing exchange of power.

-Servicing her before you get any pleasure feels like submission much more than just being tied down and teased relentlessly. Again, this isn't kinky inherently on its own, but with other thngs at work like teasing dialog, light humiliation, enjoyment from your difficulty ect. it's kink, and even a dynamic of power exchange.

-Being made to cum on yourself, vs. all over the domme, is humiliating. I'd definitely like to see more of this new the future. While there's nothing un-dominant about getting cum on you, it is still an additional layer for humiliation and enjoyment if you're in strict bondage and have been being teased for ages. Again, cum eating is also probably more popular than strapons, but I don't know if it fits your theme. Ending up with cum all over yourself is fun to make you feel a little humiliated and dirty though, haha.

Again, I'm very excited about this simulation, and just want to see it be all it can be. Making a dynamic doesn't need to be flashy or reduce appeal. Other simple things like walking where told ala the public demo can be used to establish submission.

I suppose to summarize, if I wanted to describe my dream for a kink VR sim that still has mass appeal, it would include:

-Teasing, edging, ect. Checked.
-Bondage. Checked.
-At least light humiliation. (Seems to be a possibility from the Patreon demo, in some ways at least?)
-And actual power exchange, not just sex (Seems to be trending upwards from the Patreon demo? You could also use hypnosis not just for arousal, but for domination).
-Light pain.
-Strapons anal and orally (Seems like at least one of those two will happen?)
-Dommes that enjoy your discomfort/difficulty/helplessness/ect in a enthusiastic and real way. (I felt this was much closer to being established in the Patreon demo.)

Again, thank you, and I appreciate willingness to at least meditate on feedback received.
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